Aesthetic Services


Martha E. Stewart, M.D. | Mandeville, LA | Spa Services

Wellness Facial

Improve the health and radiance of your skin with our signature facial. This treatment gently removes dull, surface skin cells and energizes the skin with antioxidants for a brighter complexion and a refreshed look. This is the perfect pick me up for all skin types.

45 minutes: $90

Detox Facial

Restore balance to oily, problematic skin with our Detox Facial. This treatment uses hydroxy-acids and minerals to exfoliate dead skin cells and purify your pores, eliminating congestion for a more even texture and a healthier complexion. Includes steam and extractions.

Face 60 minutes: $150
Back 60 minutes: $175

Gentleman’s Facial

This relaxing deep cleansing facial helps to minimize pores and rejuvenate tired or weathered skin. This treatment focuses on exfoliation to even out skin texture for a smoother shave. Includes steam.

45 minutes: $90

Clear & Bright Teen Facial

This facial is a step up from our basic extraction session. It is a simple and effective treatment to help eliminate stubborn blackheads and clogged pores for teens. A detoxifying mineral mask and steam is added to soften and prepare the pores for extractions. Includes extractions.

45 minutes: $70

Extraction Session

Blackheads are the result of trapped oil and dead skin clogging the pores, creating a bumpy, uneven surface. Manual extractions are the most effective way to manage clogged pores and blackheads. Generally, your pores should stay clear for about four weeks after treatment with the help of a proper daily skin care regimen. Includes cleansing.

30 minutes: $45


      • Dermaplaning $100
      • Microdermabrasion $80
      • Creamy Scrub Hands or Feet $25
      • Eye/Lip Rescue $20
      • Aromatherapy $15

Waxing Services

      • Brow: $20
      • Lip: $12
      • Chin: $15
      • Touch-up: $12
      • Chest: $45
      • Back: $60
      • Bikini Standard: $40
      • Shoulders: $45
      • Underarms: $25
      • Ears: $15
      • Nose: $15

If you have any questions please contact our staff at 985-727-7701.